Fella Makafui Allegedly Moves Out Of Medikal’s Mansion As He Celebrates His Birthday With Friends

If you are an observant and a critical thinker, you would realise that Actress Fella Makafui and her husband Medikal are having real issues.

The couple like to create unnecessary attention, particularly with their marriage to trend, but according to sources, their marriage has indeed crashed!

Medikal turned 30 years old yesterday, April 5th and it felt as if nothing was going on for him, or his life was at a pause.

It took Mdikal to wish himself a happy birthday to remind people of it and Fella Makafui didn’t bother to wish him a happy birthday; not on her page or Medikal’s page.

Also, Medikal had a small celebration with his boys where they sprayed him with thousands of cash.

Interestingly, Fella Makafui was nowhere to be found although the party was held in their mansion.

It is alleged that Fella Makafui has moved out and she is living her life as she pleases following their breakup.

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