I can only feature GRAMMY Winning Artists – King Ayisoba

The legendary King Ayisoba has disclosed which musician qualifies to be featured by him.

The veteran musician claims he does not need to feature a musician to stay relevant in the entertainment fraternity.

Speaking on A1 Radio, King Ayisoba divulged that he has strived all alone to become the successful musician Ghanaians see today, so he does not think he needs to feature someone to become relevant.

According to the ace musician, “Where I reach now, I think I don’t need collaboration and even if I will feature”.

The musician further stated categorically that even if he would collaborate with someone, “I need someone who has won a Grammy before. I will want to feature someone who can help me get nominated for a Grammy”.

Disclosing why he would feature only musicians who have won Grammys before, King Ayisoba said: “Because many said that I deserve a Grammys award. So I want to feature someone who is big and has won a Grammy so that I may get a nomination. We are working on getting someone of the kind”.

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