Accra: Guy who disguises himself as a woman for hookup business nabbed (Video)

Luck eluded a young man who regularly disguises himself as a woman for hookup business.

A video from the incident that has since gone viral on social media shows a set of community members forcing the young man to undress.

As reported, the guy was patronised by a man for intercourse believing that he was a woman but when they got to the hotel, he found out that he had booked his fellow man.

He quickly alerted the hotel staff who dragged him out like a petty thief and handed him over to community members.

The unforgiving community members forced him to strip naked to ascertain his true gender by accessing his genitals.

Watch the video by clicking on this LINK

Netizens Reactions…

@emmanuellazak – That’s how someone almost molested my son in our own car I put the girl in front with him Because I thought the boy would be safe till I noticed him touching my son a lot I have no problem with anyone’s sexual preference but if you bring it to my kids, we’ll have a problem

@humbledon_4pf – No one can blame them . We should blame the government because you can’t allow top male celebrities & tiktokers dress like women all over the internet & tv screens and expect the youths not to copy

@fresh_sadat – Some people watch the video and what they see is LGBTQ. Others also watch and what they see is injustice. It all depends on the “world” you live.

@bijouaicha – What was that exactly. I don’t have any problems with homo.but I think by the way the world is going we all need to sit at that shaking table and have real conversation. The creation of this world what was the plan exactly it’s time to speak up Were are we going?

@kwei_anum – U could actually be arrested for this…most of u do not understand the lgbtq bill that was passed…take some time to study that new bill and take down this video

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