After 16 years of marriage, husband discovers he’s not the biological father of his 4 kids

According to reports, Mr Kola Olanrewaju discovered that none of his four children belong to him, after 16 years of marriage through a DNA test.

The children are aged 16, 12, 8 and 5 years old.


Prior to the DNA test, Mr Kola caught his wife in bed with her ex-boyfriend and this is what triggered him to conduct the DNA test.

It’s suspected that the 4 kids belong to the wife’s ex-boyfriend.

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@NaaSei233 – They should jail her till all her cheeks become flat


@floraD_explorer – I believe Cheating became more easy and serious since cell phone came on board. People jus know where and when to meet to cheat. those olden days, i doubt if it was like this


@DEMAYOROFUYO – This is exactly what is happening in many of Nigerians home currently. But what is really happening in this country?


@King_Shunal – Some women are not good people. But if you see where they are castigating others ehn


Somebody should tell Wode Maya that I am ready for the exclusive interview- Shatta Wale

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