Berla Mundi finally breaks silence on the Real Reason behind her move from GhOne TV to TV3

For the first time, award-winning journalist Berla Mundi has gone deep into what led to her decision to leave GHOne TV or TV3.

On August 15, 2019, the revered media personality announced her departure from EIB Network to Media General.

Her decision to leave sparked curiosity among Ghanaians, who wondered why she exited the media house that had nurtured her career with training and opportunities.

Years later, in a widely circulated video, Berla explained that leaving GHOne was a difficult choice but after careful thinking, she had to leave eventually for another bigger platform.

She confessed to being apprehensive about severing ties with the media house due to the bond she shared with them.

Berla Mundi disclosed that although she struggled to meet her needs during her time at GHOne, she hesitated to move forward because she felt a sense of loyalty to the company.

The award-winning TV Show Host mentioned in her details that she left because at a point she felt unhappy as things took a negative turn at GHOne, thus her colleagues started to treat her poorly.

“The latter part of my tenure at GHOne became challenging. I felt like I had reached a plateau, and the platform couldn’t offer what I desired anymore.

However, I was hesitant to leap to leave. I felt indebted to the company, considering my entire journey as a broadcast journalist had begun with GHOne.

From the beginning until that point in my life, I felt like I owed them something—a debt or my career. I was contemplating a change because things had become increasingly difficult. I no longer felt fulfilled in that space,” she expressed.

Despite her fears, Berla Mundi revealed that TV3 approached her with an offer, which she initially accepted but later turned down.

She recounted making the final decision to leave when she realized she was losing her sense of self at GHOne. Eventually, she transitioned to TV3 after learning that her position was still available there.

“When I was at GHOne, things took a negative turn. There were conflicts and accusations, and some individuals began treating me poorly.

I felt overlooked and undervalued, and I couldn’t comprehend why. It felt like God was pushing me out of my comfort zone. I discussed this with my manager, and we explored the opportunity at TV3.

Thankfully, there was an opening for me. I was ready to depart because I didn’t see room for growth at that point. It was a challenging time for me,” she elaborated.

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