Bola Ray will one day become the president of Ghana – Bishop Adonteng Boateng drops a deep prophecy

The powerful and revered man of God, His Excellency Bishop Adonteng Boateng, who has been in the gospel ministry for over 2 decades now has dropped a very high-powered prophecy about media mogul Bola Ray.

The vessel of God whose prophecy has never failed was inspired by the holy spirit last Sunday to drop a very touching prophecy about the CEO of EIB.

During the prophetic service at Divine World International Ministries, His Excellency Bishop Adonteng Boateng stood before the congregation to deliver the profound prophecy about Bola Ray who has also been in the media space for over 2 decades.

As prophesied by His Excellency Bishop Adonteng Boateng, Bola Ray will develop a special interest in politics very soon and hopefully become the president of Ghana in the near future.

With unwavering conviction, Bishop Adonteng Boateng declared that Bola Ray is destined to ascend to the highest office in Ghana as its President.

While delivering the chilling prophecy, Bishop Adonteng Boateng urged all Ghanaians to unite in fervent prayer for Bola Ray’s journey towards fulfilling this divine destiny.

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