Ghanaians fire and attack Aunty Naa for divorcing radio presenter husband to marry Canada-based lawyer

Following the exclusive news about Oyerepa FM’s Aunty Naa’s secret marriage to a Ghanaian Canada-based lawyer – Alot of social media users have taken to the internet to share diverging opinions.

While fans of the award-winning presenter have dedicated their social media timelines to congratulate their radio idol, her critics have also charged to use the rest of the day to blast and attack her.

As fumed by some critics of Aunty Naa, after using her platform to separate a lot of couples, she has secretly married because she knows the benefits of marriage.

Before marrying the Canada-based lawyer, Aunty Naa was married to Bonshayka officially known as Dennis Mac -Caulley aka Yaw Adu.

Reacting to the news of Aunty Naa’s marriage, Roland Crespo Al-Nassr for instance commented;

How come judge Kumpala an expert in solving marriage issues on radio/TV could not hold down just one man? This world errrrrr. I don’t blame her anyway. You will have to look at the social status of the people that appear on her show. Ahiafoc nkoteeeee (low to middle income levels) .

No level-headed personality like proper lawyers, doctors, teachers, nurses, engineers, ministers, Mps and presidents will ever appear there. It is just what it is!!!!!!!

Hope she has learnt her lessons. Congratulations to her anyway, love is sweet

Kofi Adu Karikari – Ooh like seriously? Those who have antidote to breaking marriages can also have failed marriage? What did her ex husband did to her? How much compensation did she got from her ex? Did she get cars, house, money from her Ex? My heart is soo boring, l cannot wait for those answers on her own show. We deserve a show on her failed marriage. One “ who comes into equity must come with clean hands”

King Walankaaki – Someone who couldn’t stay in her marriage, what legacy does she has to advise people in marriage. She was always ready to break people’s marriages and relationships so that it could look like she wasn’t tge only one who couldn’t stay in her marriage….

Seidu Safia Tu – She hasn’t problem anyone’s marriage the marriages has already broken before they bring it to her.What about the good things she has done for people

Qwacu Black Tumtum – Her first marriage even failed and she Dey talk marriage matters n judging people like she’s righteous

Mathias Aheto Sallah – What a life, she should have brought her own to the radio for discussion before the divorce, and show the people what she got..people always call for equity but their hands are not clean.

Kwesi Edward – You have a marital problem and take it these people to solve it for you when they’re marriages are not working for themselves. It’s a disgrace to be on such shows.

Romeo Figasty – So Even Auntie Naa Understands the need for Privacy and Discretion when it come to matters of the heart and marriage.. BUT you Akua and Yaa will be spreading your matters all over Social media and be disturbing us.

Olubaba Kagawa – Person way no fi maintain her marriage Dey try discus people marriage , the world is never fear 

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