I Became A Drunkard After Suffering Immense Domestic Abuse in My Marriage – Actress Christiana Awuni Recounts her Painful Ordeal

Actress Christiana Awuni has revealed that she was forced to become a drunkard after suffering terrible domestic abuse from her husband whilst married.

In an interview, Awuni revealed that there was a time her marriage got so bad her husband was constantly abusing her any chance he got.

She said the abuse was terrible but she kept it hidden and when people tried to help her she denied any help.

Awuni said as a result of her suffering, she turned to drink and became the top drunkard in her area.

She said she drank so much and for so long that no one thought she could ever quit drinking.

However, eventually, she decided to quit alcohol on her own volition after losing all the respect other people had for her  in her area due to her bad habit.

Watch Awuni narrate her difficult marriage below…,

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