Lady getting banged by her side boyfriend calls her main boy on video to watch

A video fast going viral on social media shows a lady getting banged by another guy in a room.

The location of the video is unknown but the lady in the video could be seen receiving a backshot from her other guy.

She then called her main boyfriend on a video call to witness what she was receiving.

Though the video on X formerly Twitter is short, the full video showed that her main boyfriend cried after seeing it.

Social media users are excited to see the boyfriend’s reaction to the leaked video, as the video has gone viral.

Check out the comments below:

@iamshemmy10: “Bro cared too much”

@TayBlvck_: “He got her back tho.. he was posted up wit 2 of her homegirls and she was ready to pull up and fight ?”

@LFGDIVINE: “But that was a low tier energy from her”

@UdeVictorKoga: “Gf wey draw Tattoo….Una go just dey date rubbish. That young man should be happy”

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