Majority of Ghanaians to spend years in jail for sharing Serwaa Amihere’s atopa video as the police track IP addresses

Serwaa Amihere amassed massive vile comments on social media after her intimate video with Henry Hitz went rife on social media.

Despite the several theories surrounding the video, the anonymous person behind its leak is yet to be found and prosecuted.

Although both Serwaa and Henry are yet to drop official statements about the troubling saga, hence making the issue a bit delicate.

However, reacting to the fuss, Ghanaian media personality, Vimlady has advised people to stop sharing the leaked videos and photos of Serwaa Amihere because they can serve jail terms for that

In a self-made video, Vim lady explained how it is wrong for people to be sharing the video all over social media.

According to her, it is a form of cyberbullying towards Serwaa and the IGP can track all the IP addresses of those who are sharing the videos and pictures and arrest them.

She went on further to talk about the Cyber Security Act and stressed how those who are commenting on the leaked videos are hypocrites because they all do the same.

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