My food and clothes businesses fund my luxury lifestyle – Salma Mumin

Ghanaian actress and entrepreneur Salma Mumin recently discussed her affluent lifestyle and its correlation with the success of her apparel and food businesses.

She shared these insights in an upcoming interview with TV personality Deloris Frimpong Manso on the Delay Show.

Recognized for her elegant and luxurious style, Salma confidently referred to herself as a “slay queen” during the interview, emphasizing her appreciation for life’s finer pleasures.

She noted a shift in the term’s meaning, from denoting individuals with a strong fashion sense to now being associated with women who maintain relationships with men for material benefits.

“I consider myself a slay queen because I enjoy the good life,” Salma explained. “Initially, the term referred to those with a flair for fashion.

However, its meaning has evolved to include women engaged in such relationships. Nonetheless, I prioritize looking my best,” she elaborated to Delay.

Salma debunked rumours linking her opulent lifestyle to promiscuity for financial gain. Instead, she attributed her ability to sustain such a lifestyle to her diligent work ethic.

“I’ve never engaged in such activities; I’ve worked hard all my life,” she asserted. “Despite showcasing my efforts, some still doubt that my work alone can afford me this lifestyle.”

She revealed that her clothing and food ventures have been instrumental in financing her extravagant trips and lifestyle.

“My clothing and food businesses fund my travels,” she confirmed. “I can attest that they are the primary sponsors of my lifestyle, alongside my appearance,” she added.

Salma also acknowledged the support of affluent men in her life, expressing a preference for financially secure partners.

“I’ve been fortunate with generous partners; I’m not attracted to those lacking financial stability,” she emphasized, highlighting the role of wealthier associates in her success.


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