Politicians chop her ‘basabasa’ – Bongo Ideas goes raw on Serwaa Amihere plus hotel videos and secrets

Albert Nat Hyde popularly as Bongo Ideas has once again directed his troll arrow at Serwaa Amihere

During an appearance on ONUA TV earlier this morning, the socialite and blogger publicly accused Serwaa Amihere of sleeping with married politicians.

As alleged by Bongo Ideas, he has videos and pictures of Serwaa Amihere and her politician sugar daddies in hotels.

Bongo Ideas further asserted that he sometimes goes to hotels to make enquiries about Serwaa Amihere and the men who lodged with her.

As emphatically stated by notorious Bongo, he has a lot of dirty secrets about Serwaa in his closet.

This ain’t the first time and neither would it be the last time Bongo Ideas will accuse Serwaa of sleeping with well-to-do men to sponsor her lavish lifestyle.

Bongo Ideas dropped these fresh allegations while reacting to the trending video of Henry Fitz and a lady whose appearance fits Serwaa Amihere.

As reported by @Thosecalledcelebs in a new update, Serwaa Amihere met Henry Fitz in 2019 at his wedding and they exchanged contacts.

Fast forward, they started dating and began secretly meeting to have intercourse.

During one of their sexcapades, they decided to record themselves and later save the video on their phones.

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