Sista Afia Angrily Blasts GMA For Always Sidelining Her And Not Acknowledging Her Hard Work

One of the most hardworking Female musicians in Ghana, Sista Afia has lashed out at Ghana Music Awards for always excluding her when it comes to their award schemes.

According to Sista Afia, the hard work she has put in her craft is not being appreciated.

Taking to her Facebook, Sista Afia quizzed the stakeholders of Ghana Music Awards if she had offended them in anyway.

“Have I offended someone at the high table Ghana Music Awards ?? The fact that Asuoden was a big song in 2021 Zero nominations which I still don’t get. I learnt people don’t even file for nominations but get nominations, the downplay on my efforts ever since i started doing music in Ghana hasn’t been fair to my craft And Yes it hurts because I work soo hard. I’ve been put quiet for soo long because i have respect for the scheme and I dont want to step on no one’s toes!”. She wrote.

Sista Afia attended Reverend John Teye Memorial Institute before relocating to the UK to further in nursing.

Sista Afia returned to Ghana in 2015 to start her music career. She took inspiration from musician Bisa Kdei and collaborated on the song ‘Kro Kro No’.

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