They were leaked by the guy’s wife – Deep secret details about Serwaa Amihere’s bedroom photos drop

As reported by @Thosecalledcelebs in a new update, Serwaa Amihere met Henry Fitz in 2019 at his wedding and they exchanged contacts.

Fast forward, they started dating and began secretly meeting to have intercourse.

During one of their sexcapades, they decided to record themselves and later save the video on their phones.

Henry Fitz’s wife, Dela, saw the video on her cheating husband’s phone and forwarded it to herself.

It’s believed she shared the video with a third party who started blackmailing the TV presenter with it.

As alleged, Serwaa Amihere has been consistently paying the blackmailer for some time now and is now tired.

The angry blackmailer decided to leak the images online today after Serwaa told him or her that she had reached her limit.

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