They’ve Reduced Christianity To Spraying Strip Club Dollars – Netizens Harshly Drag Empress Gifty After Being Sprayed During Trec24 Performance

Gospel singer Empress Gifty was sprayed with cash by a man of God during her performance at the TREC 24 concert, sparking outrage online.

Fans were pissed that even though Jesus was reported to have driven out the money changers for defiling the house of God with money, Christians of this generation rather glorify money in the house of God.

A case in point was Empress Gifty’s performance.

As she was performing her hits on the TREC stage and had entered the spirit, a man could be seen on stage splashing cash on her.

This triggered netizens who slammed the whole show.

“This is what they’ve reduced Christianity to,” one netizen said.

Another wrote: “This really makes me sad every time I see such things being displayed in the presence of God.. what’s the point of spraying money on someone in the moment of worship.. Ahh Ghana paa we have to respect God… what should we focus on now the worship or the strip club dollar bills.. smh 🤦”

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