Video of a female graduate selling “Koose” to survive goes viral

A lot of the time we hear a phrase like; ‘from grass to grace‘ which celebrates greatness in life.

And it’s so normal that after one starts to grow and enjoy a better education, they become successful in life.

However, the case has been different for a Ghanaian lady after sharing a before and after video of herself via her TikTok page.

The before video of the lady makes it apparent that she graduated from the university in 2022.

In the video, one could see the lady neatly dressed with a certificate in her hands and a sash around her neck, a clear indication that the picture was taken on her graduation day.

However, the after video got netizens talking.

In the after video, the lady was seen frying “koose” by the roadside.

In the description of her post, she stated categorically that after graduating from the university with a good class, she now depends on selling “Koose” to survive.

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