Y3te sika so nanso 3k)m de y3n- Cheddar

The founder and flagbearer of the New Force Political Movement, Cheddar aka “I am a Prince” is still busily doing his campaign.

The business mogul is trying his best to canvass for votes and, if possible, becomes the country’s next president.

In a video at our news desk, Cheddar promised to make Ghana a better country should he be allowed to become president.

Trying to convince Ghanaians, Cheddar said “Y3te sika so nanso 3k)m de y3n” which translates to the country has a lot of money, yet, the citizens are hungry.

According to him, he will not have to make the country a better one since the country is already blessed with many natural resources.

These were the same sayings by the current president, Nana Akufo Addo before he became the president of the country.

Many Ghanaians have stated that perhaps Cheddar has been given the secret to winning political power.

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