How Can Your Failing Food Business Allow You to Afford A $7,000 First Class Ticket to Dubai? Delay Exposes Salma Mumin on her Show

Controversial media personality Deloris Frimpong Manso aka Delay left actress Salma Mumin looking foolish after querying her about how she funds her extra lavish life.

Salma Mumin attempted to claim that she’s able to afford her ‘slay queen life’ due to the profits from her two businesses – her restaurant and clothing line.

Delay however pressed her further – asking her to explain how those businesses alone can fund a lifestyle of flying first class to Dubai for $7,000 when Mumin herself told her the food business is not exactly flying.



At that point, Salma pivoted from bragging about funding her lifestyle all alone to admitting that she seeks out rich men to date and they’re very generous to her, adding that she can never even be attracted to a poor man.

Essentially, Delay got her to admit riding big men for money after bragging all about how her entire life, she’s never taken money from men to fund her lavish lifestyle.

No wonder one netizen wrote in reaction to the video: “Delay will force u to play nonsense 😂😂 did she just expose herself at the end 😂😂?

Yes, she did.


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