I Know All Your Dirty Little Secrets So Be Careful About Tarnishing My Name in the Media – Henry Fitz Sternly Warns Serwaa Amihere

Serwaa Amihere continues to face scrutiny from her decision to get ‘entangled’ with one Ghanaian businessman, Henry Fitz, as new developments continue to emerge against her.

In a new post shared on social media, Mr Fitz angrily attacked Serwaa and accused her waging a media campaign to attempt to smear his reputation.

According to him, the so-called sources close to him granting media interviews about how he lost all his wealth and properties are fake people planted by Serwaa to destroy his reputation and make it seem her claims of blackmail are more credible.

Fitz asked Serwaa to apologize to him for those claims otherwise he would put all decorum aside and completely finish her.

Henry Fitz said the only person in Ghana who knows more about Serwaa than himself is her sister hence if he decides to expose her he can truly destroy her!

Fitz added that he is the last person in Ghana she wants to cross.

Check out his threats below…

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