Not all songs played at campaign rallies are to be paid for- Rex Omar

Former Ghanaian musician cum GHAMRO President, Rex Omar has distinguished between songs played at campaign rallies that are to be paid for and those that are not to be paid.

The GHAMRO president believes that it is not every song played at campaign rallies that are to be paid for.

Speaking on songs to be paid for, Rex Omar said it is only songs that the aspirant has instructed the DJ to play repeatedly that need to be paid for.

He claims that it means the song is very important to the aspirant, hence, needs to pay to use it.

“Unless the person doing the campaign instructs the DJ to play your song consistently during the political rally that’s when you can demand compensation,” he said.

On the contrary, the prominent Ghanaian musician said there are instances where DJs out of their own will play certain songs at campaign rallies. 

According to him, when such happens, the aspirant does not pay the musician, saying that he did not instruct the DJ to play the song.

“If I have not instructed the DJ to be playing a specific kind of song and maybe your song happened to be played once or twice”, he said.

Adding “As for that one, you can’t say that someone has used your song for their political campaign so they must pay you for that one”.

Rex Omar made this statement when he was speaking with Amansam Krakye in an exclusive interview.

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